HIV awareness. About 61% of kagadi dwellers are living with HIV and 40% of them are living unaware that they have the disease. Let’s join together and create awareness. #Share #Prayer God bless you.



This is the story of Nakaija Harriet, who is one of our children at Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization who is in need of a sponsor. The sponsorships ($30USD/month) help to provide food, education, and gives the child a sense that there is someone that believes in them and their future. Sponsors will receive pictures and updates on their child regularly. It is more than just a sponsorship, it is investing in the life of a child who might otherwise not have an opportunity at education and the means to provide themselves with a brighter future not only for themselves, but for their family as well.

This is Nakaija Harriet’s story…


“I was born in the Kagadi Government Hospital and I have a younger brother

called Mugisa Swilzen. I am 8 years old and in primary three school. My dad had

HIV/AIDS; his disease got really serious and six months ago he passed. My mom

and I could be affected by this disease but we are not sure- we simply know it is

horrible and there is not much in the way of a cure. My mother applied and was 

granted a teaching job at Light Primary School, but her salary was barely enough

to allow her to take care of us and our aunts. She worked there for over two years

and all things were going as good as they could. I was also enjoying my education 

at Kagadi Parents Primary School. Then, in the beginning of 2014, my mother

started showing signs of the HIV/AIDS disease- dangerous signs like skin

rashes, continuous malaria, and when the situation got worse she was admitted

to Kagadi Government Hospital because our family couldn’t afford any of the

medical treatments that were needed.

I had to drop out of school and join my aunt to help take care of my mum.

By mid-March, mum started to feel better and she was very ashamed to see

her young daughter taking care of her doing things like making juice, washing

clothes, and cleaning utensils, when I should have been in school. The local

government was visiting parents with HIV/AIDS in our community and teaching

them how to take care of children when you have HIV/AIDS. When they came to

our house, my mom wouldn’t hear anything but rather talked to them and asked

them to take me to the local church where I could get help for my education, housing,

and fed while learning about the word of God.

I lived with Pastor John at the Oasis of Hope Church for 5 months when he learned

of an organization in Kagadi that helps children with school payments, feeding,

clothing and even shelters a few. He saw this as an opportunity for me to join with 

other children who are having the same difficulties in their lives and great hope

for a bright change in my life! That next Saturday, we went and met with the 

Director and CEO at Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization to see if there

was a way for me to be accepted into their programs. The meeting went on for about

3 hours, sharing all the organization has to offer and the support I can get from it.

I had already learned that the Bible says God will answer your prayers if you continue

praying and to never give up praying and keeping hope. My prayers have now been

answered by a man of God, Bacwa Dan– I am able to enjoy life knowing I have

education and care. 

One month later, the Director of Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization

went and talked with my mom. I am not sure what he said, but this man

moved mountains and more of my prayers have been answered as my mom

welcomed me back again as her child. 

When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher and educate all children

by sharing my knowledge and offering them support, like the kind

I have been given.”

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If you would like to sponsor Nakaija, or more children like Nakaija, please click on the link below or visit our Facebook page for more information:

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”  1 Corinthians 13:13


This is the first of many of the stories we have of the kids at Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization. These kids need love, support, stability, and a big factor in their success is education in order to further them in life and create sustainability for themselves and the future generations to come. Many of the children are still in need of a sponsor-  The sponsorships ($30USD/month) help to provide food, education, and gives the child a sense that there is someone that believes in them and their future.  Every penny… every prayer, makes a difference.

This is Amara’s Swilzen’s story…


Birth date: August 8, 2003

“I was the first born among 4 brothers and 3 sisters in my family.

My father was a local engineer who used to repair radios in Kagadi

Village and my education was fairly okay. In 2012 God called my father

home to Him, and life became harder for both my education and

life in general. My mum got a job as vendor in the local market to earn

our living and I worked with my mother to get my school fees so that

I would not miss classes but still, things didn’t work out and she 

decided to send us to the village and left us with our grandmother in

Kabuga Village. My grandmother’s main activity  was to do subsistence

farming to get something to eat and drink. I lived with my grandmother

for over nine months and I could see the children of my age going to 

school and this really hurt me with a lot of people feeling so sorry for 

me. I started fetching water for the village to get something with the 

help of my young brother Baguma Richard who also worked daily by

cleaning compounds and washing cups and plates to earn meals for

our family. We could not have education or even a daily feeding. In

2015, my mum became sick and since I was the oldest child, I became 

the father and mother in the house. After a few months when my

mother’s condition worsened, I was called to take care and bed her in 

the hospital and after some weeks, the doctors asked me about my 

family. They called my uncle to come and take care of her at the

hospital and I was told to go back in the village and take care of my

young brothers and sisters as my mother gets medication. It was all

left for this old woman to decide what to do next, and since she was 

unemployed and with no care givers, I had no hope for an education.

In the beginning of 2016, we got a call that my mum recovered from

the long time malaria sickness and this was great news for us although

she was still sick and I couldn’t return back to her. Due to my lack of

education, the people of the village reported our situation to the village

council because I was not in school. The chairman contacted brother 

Bacwa Dan and brought us to Children of Kagadi Village Charity Orga-

nization where we have a new life, a new family, and brother Bacwa 

Dan promised to get me a sponsor who will give me a gift of education.

God bless Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization. After being

admitted to the orphanage I have been able to have daily breakfast,

lunch and supper. I have been able to have clothes and shelter and

I am learning the Word of God. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

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If you would like to sponsor Amara, or more children like Amara, please click on the link below or visit our Facebook page for more information:


“There is one who scatters, and yet increases all the more, and there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want. The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.”   -Proverbs 11:24-25




Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization

Greetings & welcome to the first ever blog post for Children of Kagadi Village Charity Organization! Since this is our very first post, we only saw fit to tell you guys the testimony of the man behind all the action, the one who saw a great need in his community, decided to act on it, and is devoting his time and love into these children and their future. These blogs will contain projects that we are carrying out & future visions, accomplishments, testimonies of the children, and whatever else may occur. It is incredible what God has done, and what He is continuing to do in Kagadi. So, in the words of Bacwa Dan, here is his testimony!


“I am Bacwa Dan, living in a single Christian family who has 4 brothers

and 3 sisters. I lost my dad when I was three years old, and this greatly affected

me, my mum and my siblings at large because it pushed us into difficulties where

we lacked the basics of life and education was made difficult because it was too 

expensive for us to afford. In 2001 I joined St. Luke’s Church of Uganda in the Young

Children’s Scripture Union and this is where I met Rev. Agaba Richard who tried hel-

ping me in prayer and learning God’s teachings. He tried his level best to get me back 

to school but he couldn’t afford the costs and expenses and therefore he gave up on me.

I did not lose hope however, and continued praying to the Almighty Father because I 

believe that He never lets His people down and I always prayed, asking Him to grant my

mother the ability to support us and pay my school fees so that I can continue my edu-

cation. I started fetching water for the people around the village so that I could raise

more money and supplement the loans which my mother had gotten from the micro-

finances and banks around the village so that I could continue with my education. In

2006, the bank took our house where we had been living for all the previous years due

to the increasing loans my mother had borrowed from the micro-finances and the banks.

Life became a mess and meaningless to me. Mum decided to send my younger brother to

my Auntie’s whom she thought would help in taking care of him, and after that mum, my 

elder brother and I started working in the market selling pancakes and banana juice where

we earned a living. Afterwards, in 2009, my mother was able to send us back to school be-

cause she had raised some funds and that’s when I was able to sit my Primary Leaving Ex-

aminations and was able to join Secondary level at Sure Public Secondary School, though 

my performance was not all the best. Since my mother did not have enough money to pay 

my school fees, I decided to talk with the principal of the school about my circumstance 

and he gave me an offer of paying half the money of the school fees on a condition that I 

would slash, sweep, mop and clean the school’s compound every evening before I went

home. My elder brother decided to drop out of school after finishing his Ordinary level

in 2011 because mum did not have enough money to support furthering his education.

In 2013 I was able to finish my Ordinary level through a lot of struggle, and by then my

elder brother was working as a bar attendant in a certain bar at the trading center and 

he helped me with the up-keeps I used at school and helped me and mum raise more 

funds for school because I was looking forward to join my Advanced level of education

and after the Ordinary level results were released, mum was so happy and decided to 

get more loans so that she could get me back to school. In April 2015, my elder broth-

er passed away and it really made me so sad and sorrowful because not only was he a

brother to me, but also a best friend and dad to me because he was the only person whom

we starved and went through with the ups and downs of this world, suffering and som-

etimes we lacked food to eat together. Due to poverty, some of my brothers and sisters 

dropped out of school and sadly, my two sisters were forced into marriage at an age of

15 years old. Some of my cousins went off to the streets trying to exhaust all the possible

ways of sustaining life, yet most of the relatives, both maternal and paternal, remained

uneducated and suffer the inevitable inferiority with illiteracy.

In this world where an elite recognizes the fellow elite, the uneducated find themselves

competitively excluded, hope deserts them and they have no platform for expression;

their already acute survivorship diminishes day after day and they remain with no

one to look up to. 

With my trust inclined to GOD, yes, I have the feeling restlessly inside my heart that

made me look forward to forming a charity organization which is of a hope to offer pra-

ctical help to the needy, reclaiming their minds & prove to them that to their scale, there

still exists hope and a reason for living, and that there are a lot of people out there that are kind

and ready to help them. The main objectives for Children of Kagadi Village Charity

Organization are mainly as follows: 

-To provide the most basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and medication

-To provide counseling and guidance to those children in form of restoring their hope for life

-To raise a GOD-fearing generation, knowing His teachings

-To provide parental care and love to these innocent orphans around the world & to avoid a 

sense of rejection among them from their relatives and the community at large

-To impart basic skills & values accompanied with proper human morals, through provi-

ding education

-To promote a sense of brotherhood among the entire community members

I pray to God that there will be people that have the desire to help in the supporting, promoting, and helping of these children.”

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”   – Jeremiah 29:11

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